Tyler Perry’s newest smart and beautiful leading lady, Danielle Savre

Tyler Perry’s newest smart and beautiful leading lady, Danielle Savre 

Posted: 10:01 am Friday, February 24th, 2017

By Staff

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I got the chance to speak with Tyler Perry’s newest smart and beautiful leading lady, Danielle Savre, who chatted with us on exclusive details on what happens with her character, Ana and the rest of the cast on the season finale of Too Close To Home on TLC, which just aired last night so if you missed it, we got you covered!

Danielle dishes to us that we will see the love triangle unfold between her and her Ex boyfriend and her sister, the President of the United States trying to get her back to Washington D.C and how Heather Locklier does everything in her power to stop him.

When asked if Savre can relate to her character, Ana in real life, she says “Absolutely.” She too, had to over come challenges and obstacles with her family members and being from a small town herself and finding her way like the rest of us and that’s what makes us even more inspired by Savre as an actress.

Savre dishes to us on how it was working with Mr. Tyler Perry himself and how Heather Locklier might play a villain on the show but is actually the most geniune and nicest people she has ever met in real life.

Savre was not just an over night success. She has worked from the bottom to the top and that’s why we love her even more!!

Not only does she act, but the talented super star also sings!

You might have known her back when when she was part of the pop girl group we loved so much in sweet obsession and of course when she joined the girl group, Trinity in 2005.

You might have also seen Savre on hit shows like Summerland, CSI, Charmed, Bring it on and more.

When asked how she prepared for a serious heartfelt role such as Ana, she told us that it’s all about relating to the character and taking life experiences from your own life and channeling it into the emotion of the character and the expression of the work.

She emphasizes on how going through the emotions and tapping in to her real life to relate to the character, Ana has been very therapeutic and you get to relive those moments and when you’re done with them you’re able to let them go and you’re kind of at peace with them. It’s nice to know you get your control back and your power back to do so, to recognize it and work through it.

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