Will Sunday’s Coastal Storm Kickstart Winter With Flooding? 

Posted: 9:19 am Saturday, October 28th, 2017

By Staff


Pull out the board games and plan on Sunday being a very long, cold rainy day.

With chances of coastal flooding, the Sunday’s storm is likely to push coastal waters from New England towards Long Island – along with gusts of 20 MPH in the morning to 40 MPH later on in the evening. Rainfall totals could average 0.5 to nearly 3 inches.

Temperatures will also take a turn to the chilly side. While we may start the day in the 60’s, as those winds crank up from the north and northeast, temps will drop through the 50’s thoughout the day.

Sunday night has the highest potential for damaging winds and heavy rainfall and Monday may damaging winds and heavy rain up to 60 MPH..