How To Day Trip In Philly The Right Way

How To Day Trip In Philly The Right Way 

Posted: 1:28 pm Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

By tiannajg

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I have been to Philly a few times as I am sure you have as well.  I have explored the necessary monuments, eaten a cheese steak or two and even had a one night stand. Heading back there for a weekend I felt like I could explore more of the off the beaten path experiences and get to know the city a little better.

First Thing’s First: Where Do You Stay?

Maybe you are unsure about hostels. Perhaps you saw the movie. I am here to tell you they are nothing like that. Not only are they a lot cheaper than hotels they provide a social atmosphere if you are a solo traveler. Not traveling alone? Also not a problem. Most hostels have private rooms so you don’t have to deal with sharing your space but you still get the social aspect without the high prices of hotels. We all know big cities can have high hotel prices.

I checked into the City House Hostels : Old City Philadelphia. I knew right away I had chosen right. Immediately upon arrival I was greeted by one of their friendly receptionists who showed me around and invited me out to a pub crawl that they would be hosting. This is why I love staying at hostels, they make activities for us. It is so easy to plan what tours to go on and where to go to dinner but much harder to find fun thing to do at night when you don’t know anyone.

The hostel is located off a main street in a quiet corner. The space is an old brick house and its location is perfect. It was an easy walk to all the main spots and had tons of food options close to it.

There is a large welcoming living room with loads of entertainment as well as a fully equipped kitchen.

What more could you ask for?

Beer Makes Touring Better!

I love history so I always want to take walking tours.  Walking tours are the best way to get a feel for the city. I teamed up with Urban Adventures, who I have worked with before and love their tours, to take a slightly different twist on history in Philly. We explored some graffiti, took a walk down Elfreth’s Alley and stopped at one of the oldest church’s that has four of the Declaration of Independence signers buried there.

We walked by the Liberty Bell and Town Hall. The usual hot spots for Philly. Mostly we explored tiny streets and unique areas. That’s why I love Philly, every time I go I find something new to eat, see or do.

However this tour included a twist : a beer at the end. We stopped by a spot for cheese steaks and local beers.

Urban Adventures has loads of tours in Philly. They even have a strictly beer tour if history isn’t your thing. (But come on – learn something!)

Never Miss A Chance To Plan A Pub Crawl!

The hostel hosts a happy hour prior to the pub crawl. They include beer! It was such a great way to meet people. We played Cards Against Humanity to start the night. There is no greater ice breaker than CAH. By the time the game was over it felt like we were old friends. Side note I won that game, therefore I am the funniest.

Last night I went on a pub crawl in Montreal. As that is where I am writing this from. I paid 30 dollars for it. It was so disorganized. At the first bar we just checked in and walked around. The bar was so packed I had no idea who was on the tour. I did my shot with the guide and he said we would meet everyone in between the next bar. Generally, you meet everyone at the first bar. They take you somewhere it is easier to mingle with the people on your tour. I said to myself if I didn’t meet anyone at the second bar I would just ditch the tour.

I kept thinking about the tour organized by the hostel in Philly and how much I wished this one was like that. Not only was the one by City House Hostels perfectly organized it was FREE! I paid so much to go on the other one and didn’t even have a good time.

Not all pub crawls are created equal.

Philly Food Tours Are Even Better!

I decided to do the food tour based in Manayunk because I had never been to that part of Philly and wanted to explore new neighborhoods.

The food tour was perfect! I learned a lot about the local cuisine.

I had never even heard of tomato pie, let alone tried it. It is a huge staple of the area apparently. Essentially it is just tomato sauce on bread, sprinkled with parmesan cheese. It is all about the sauce. The pepperoni roll served with it was to die for.

The tour of course included a cheese steak (did you even go to Philly if you don’t eat at least one) but more of a traditional one then served at the famous places in the city. No peppers and onions here.

We tried fresh cider and truffles at River City Outpost. The truffles looked like little bees.


If you need to know anything about me it’s that my favorite food is always ice cream. I usually don’t waste my time with plain flavors. They served us regular chocolate ice cream but it was one of the best I have ever had. I wanted to live inside the Tubby Robot.

When you find yourself in Philly next time head down to Manayunk and order your favorite flavor. I bet you anything it will be better at the Tubby Robot.

After the tour I had to have a beer flight. I went to the brewery and it was packed because they apparently do an unbelievable jazz brunch. I found a seat at the bar. The sampler they do is of all the beers they have. I am not an IPA fan but I tried each one anyway.

It was a great introduction to a neighborhood I knew nothing about. I highly recommend doing a food tour with Chew Philly. Not only was everything we tried so diverse the guide was engaging and informative. From sweet to savory. From history to pop culture. They covered it.

I fully plan on going back to Philly in the spring and doing the Chestnut Hill food tour next! Another neighborhood I have yet to explore!

If you are interested in one of Urban Adventures many tours check out their website here!

Check out City House Hostels here! Not going to Philly? Check them out anyway, they have locations in several great cities in the US. Including their newest location in New Orleans.