What NOT To Do On Valentine’s Day

What NOT To Do On Valentine’s Day 

Posted: 4:02 pm Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

By taylormilano

It’s February, and you know what the means! Valentine’s Day is upon us. It’s the day of love, let’s celebrate! Before I go any further, yes, there is a wrong way to go about celebrating Valentine’s Day from gifts to dinner.

Have no fear, I am here to tell you exactly what you should not do this Valentine’s Day. Is there something on this list that you were considering doing? Do yourself a favor and don’t. Just don’t.

1. Don’t Go To A Chain Restaurant

(Applebee’s, Chili’s, Friday’s, Etc.)

Nothing says romance like bottomless chips and salsa at Chili’s, right? Wrong. SO wrong. Nothing bad with these places at all, but they’re perfect for a random Friday night, not when you’re trying to be romantic for Valentine’s Day.

2. Don’t Give A Gift Card Or Money As Your Gift

Big no, no. Gift cards are so impersonal, and money? Seriously? Has anyone actually ever done this?

3. Don’t Get Her Gas Station Flowers

You can put a little more thought into flowers, I mean COME ON. Even the grocery store is better than the gas station.

4. Don’t Bring A Friend Along

Apparently this is a thing. Bringing along your single friends on your Valentine’s Day dat night. Why? No, don’t do it. It’s no fun for all parties involved and it’s just awkward.

5. Don’t Buy Her A Kitchen Appliance

(Or Any Sort Of Cleaning Supplies)

Another huge gift no, no. It’s basically saying “cook and clean for me”. It’s a gift for you, not for her. Trust me, she won’t like it. Unless she actually asks for it.

6. Don’t Propose

It’s cliché, it’s overdone, it shouldn’t be a thing. This should be a special moment, and should be original. Valentine’s Day? Really? You wanna remember your proposal being on the same day as thousands of other couples? No, you don’t.

7. Don’t Talk About Your Ex

This doesn’t even need an explanation, and if it does, that’s an issue in itself.

8. Don’t Spend The Entire Night On Your Phone

Another one that shouldn’t need an explanation. We spend way too much time on our phones anyway, so the least you could do is stay off it the entire time you spend with your Valentine. Don’t worry, Instagram will still be there.

9. Don’t Give Him A List Of Demands For The Day / Night

There’s just no need for this. Let him surprise you, be spontaneous, and appreciate whatever he does for you. Some girls give way too many “I wants” for Valentine’s Day and don’t even appreciate the day itself. Let him do his thing. If he loves you, you know he won’t disappoint.

10. Don’t Forget Valentine’s Day

Don’t do this. Unless you want the next year to be miserable for you. It’s the same day every year people, it’s impossible to forget.